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2019 Fall Baseball & Softball Registration Now Closed!

After a successful 2018 Fall Season, HVBSA will be continuing with the revised format of relaxed Fall Baseball and Softball.

Fall Baseball, including T-Ball, is open to children ages 4 through 11 years of age (as of 4/30/19) in the Cal Ripken Division and 13 to 15 years of age (as of 4/30/20) in the Babe Ruth division.  It is the goal of Babe Ruth to field two teams and play games against surrounding towns.

In Fall Ball, we emphasize learning and having fun as players are encouraged to sharpen their skills, try new positions, and get more baseball repetition! The Fall Ball season will be a 6 week season with emphasis on weekday games to minimize conflict with other weekend activities.  The season will start on 9/9 through 10/26.

For Cal Ripken and T-Ball, the 2019 Fall Ball Season will also include exciting activities such as:

  • Faster pace, shorter games
  • Fewer players on each team, more at bats, more action!
  • Shorter distance outfield fences to encourage big swings 
  • Whiffle/Rubber ball innings
  • Skill development clinics
  • Home Run derby!
  • Free weekends (except T-Ball)!

Each of these events will focus on the importance of specific baseball fundamental skills including base running, batting techniques, fielding…and FUN!


T-Ball, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, and Softball will be a $90 registration fee and closes on 8/25


  • 2 weekday nights (Monday through Thursday) – A/Minors
  • Majors may have a game on a Saturday depending on # of teams
  • T Ball Saturday Mornings
  • Games begin September 10, running 6 consecutive weeks through October 26.
  • The schedule may vary slightly depending on the number of registrants.

Rain Out Dates, if necessary, will be communicated to the teams during the season


All players must come dressed in baseball/sweat pants, cleats (ideally), baseball glove, bat and helmet available (if you have them), and water bottle. Please, no shorts. Players will receive a HVBSA shirt and hat as part of their uniform.

HVBSA is committed to providing the very best instruction for all levels, ages, and interests.  We thank you for your interest and look forward to your participation.

2019 HVBSA Fall Softball

Fall Softball is focused on learning and skills development, but will also provide game opportunities against other local towns (not as many towns offer fall softball).

Dates: Saturday, September 7, through Saturday, October 26.

  • Each team will have one practice (on a weeknight, TBD) and one game (usually on Sat afternoon*) per week. Additional practices are up to the coaches’ discretion and team availability.
  • Divisions: We hope to have at least one team in each of the following divisions (based on registrations):
  • A Division: Girls going into Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • AA Division: Girls going into 3rd and 4th grades
  • Majors Division: Girls going into 5th through 7th grades (must be 12 years old or younger as of January 1, 2019)

We invite girls to “play up” in the division they will be playing come Spring 2020 in order to get a head start getting used to the new rules, new ball, pitching distance, etc., for next year. (Individual preferences can be accommodated for those eligible but who prefer to stay at the current level from 2019.)


*Recognizing that Fall is the primary season for soccer, we are working to coordinate our schedule with the HVSA Girls Rec Soccer program so that girls can play both sports if interested. If soccer still plays on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, Softball will play on Saturday afternoons.


Volunteer Requirements & Buyouts

As an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, HVBSA is completely reliant on the volunteerism of our parents to operate the league. As a condition of registering your child with HVBSA, parents are required to commit to 5 hours of volunteer time during the season. If you are interested in managing or coaching our kids or joining any of our HVBSA operating committees, please let us know by selecting your area of interest during the registration process. Parents have the ability to “buy-out” of their five-hour volunteer responsibility by donating $100 to HVBSA during the registration process, and those donations help to offset our expenses for the season.

If you have any questions about how you can help HVBSA as a volunteer, please feel free to contact Chris Tobia at


Refunds granted prior to the drafting of the teams will be the registration fee less a $35 administration fee. There will be no refunds beginning from the day prior to your child’s division draft going forward into the season, except for medical reasons (a Doctor's note will be required), in which case the $35 administration fee still applies.  Please consult the Website for additional details on in-season refunds.

We Need YOUR Help Finding New Players!

We have no way of directly contacting new residents, or new players, in the community and would appreciate your help in finding them.  Please forward this email to your friends and family who have prospective players who are over the age 6 by April 30, 2019.  We also welcome new families and players from neighboring towns.

Financial Assistance/Scholarships

If your family is unable to afford the registration fees due to financial hardship for any of HVBSA’s Programs, a limited number of scholarships are available for your child to participate. The number of scholarships is limited each year, based on our financial condition. If you would like to apply for a 2019 HVBSA Scholarship, please visit the Registration section of our Web page to download an application to be submitted to HVBSA.  The process is confidential, and you should contact Chris Tobia ( for additional information.

As always, we appreciate your support of HVBSA and look forward to a great 2019 season!

The HVBSA Board of Trustees