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2018 EHBSA Trustee Announcement & By-law Reststement

By Mark A. Shreve, 10/31/17, 11:00AM EDT


2018 Trustees Announced, Referendum for Restatement of 2018 By-laws

Each Fall, EHBSA seeks nominations of Members who wish to be considered for open positions on our Board of Trustees.  We had previously sent a call for nominations to our membership by email in early October, and at our October 24, 2017 Trustee meeting, the following candidates were nominated for open Trustee positions:

  • President- Chris Tobia, for a two-year term expiring 2019
  • 1st Vice President - Bob Bergner, for a two-year term expiring 2019
  • Vice President, Softball- Mike Sharp, for a two-year term expiring 2019
  • Vice President, Cal Ripken League- Rich Lane, for a two-year term expiring 2019
  • Vice President, Babe Ruth League - A.J. Arcamone, for a two-year term expiring 2019
  • Vice President, Fundraising - Garrett Franklin, for a three-year term, expiring 2020
  • Trustee-at-Large - Jenn Barrett, for a three-year term expiring 2020
  • Trustee-at-Large - Tim O’Connell, for a one-year term expiring 2018
  • Trustee-at-Large - Brian Heaphy, for a one-year term expiring 2018
  • Immediate Past President - Mark Shreve, for a one-year term, expiring 2018

These nominations were approved by our Board of Trustees at our October meeting. Currently, each candidate is unopposed. In situations where our candidates run unopposed, a general membership election is not necessary, and our Board of Trustees may approve each candidate for their position. The Trustees will be approving these candidates at our next monthly meeting.

As part of the annual review process, EHBSA also reviews and amends its Bylaws to remain current with the best practices of 501(c)3 nonprofit governance. Members will also be asked to review and approve amendments to EHBSA’s Bylaws. EHBSA will notify you by email when the voting process is open, and provide you a link to complete the process. The vote is scheduled to be open on November 3, 2017. Please note that EHBSA Bylaws stipulate that each family is entitled to a single vote. Please do not register multiple votes for your family!

A redlined copy of our Bylaws is available for review here, ( The Trustees look forward to a healthy and productive 2018 season, and we appreciate your ongoing support of EHBSA. 

Chris Tobia
President, EHBSA