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Cal Ripken District Tournament Team

The district team is considered an all-star/tournament team. The team is more competitive than both the recreation and spring travel teams. The district tournament for each age level starts sometime mid-June and is a double elimination tournament. (two game minimum)

Playing Time / Expectation

During the district tournament the team will be selected to give us the best chance to win. It is possible that only 9 or 10 boys play in a game.  This means several boys many not play in a district game.

The coaches will evaluate many factors when a player is considered for a position:

  • Their skill level
  • The skill level of players around them
  • The competitiveness of our team as compared to the other team

Non-District Tournaments

In addition to the district tournament, teams may participate in other tournaments available for each age group.  Each team is responsible to cover the cost of these additional tournaments.  In these tournaments, the goal is for everyone to play and gain tournament experience.


The cost for registration for the first round of the district tournament as well as states (if we win districts) is paid for by the league.  If the team advances further, the team is responsible to cover the cost.

  • Additional non-district tournaments cost on average $40-60 per child, per tournament.
  • The district teams use the same uniform as the HVBSA travel teams. The entire uniform costs approximately $150.
  • All players and coaches must be in full uniform during the district tournament - this is a district tournament rule and not a HVBSA rule. 

Uniform includes:

  • Jersey/Vest
  • Performance shirt
  • Pants (choice of open bottom or elastic bottom)
  • Hat (must have Cal Ripken logo - Rec league hats are not acceptable)
  • Coach coordinates uniform numbers for his/her team

Click here to view district uniforms.